Getting a few questions about installing the #iOS (and Mac) betas. My policy the last couple years has been to wait until the public beta.

According to past years, according to folks in my Destiny Slack, the public beta usually lands a week after the second dev beta, which came out yesterday. It was apparently also a really big stability and performance improvement.

If all goes well, I hope to install the betas next week.


@chartier I have become more wary installing iOS betas as some random synchronization / ecosystem perk tends to get broken unless *all* my Apple devices are on betas.

Didn’t for example reminders update break backwards compatibility with iOS 13?

@toni I haven’t seen that, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I think a key detail is this strat is *public* beta, which seem to be pretty solid IME.

I don’t think Apple would open betas up to the public without feeling a high level of trust in them. Plus, like previous years, beta 2 has apparently brought a *lot* of stability and performance fixes.

@toni To be clear though, I completely understand. Beta still means beta, so I didn’t mean to come off as trying to convince you.

One beta I certainly haven’t touched is Watch, since there’s no way to downgrade and if anything goes wrong, you have to ship it off. That dog don’t hunt.

@toni @chartier yes. When I first launched Reminders, it even showed me that one of my iCloud devices (an iPad mini 2) won’t be able to upgrade. You can choose to only use the new format on local Reminders instead.

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