@pixelfed This makes me sad every time. API is still not public or is it just lack of interest developing a mobile app for Pixelfed?

There is a lack of devs for any app.
Though Fedilab supports PF.

@gregoiremarty @toni API is not public. Morii is a Pixelfed app, but development is frozen and waiting for the API. And no, you can't use Fedilab either to access Pixelfed before they build the API.

@jonne @toni
You can access PF via Fedilab but it's read-only mode.

@gregoiremarty Can you tell me how to make that work? I just tested and I can't get it to connect to any Pixelfed instance.

Sadly in French but you have to click on "reorganize the feeds" or something, and then "+"

@gregoiremarty You first need an activitypub account that can fetch those updates, so it's simply using the Mastodon API for remote following. Thanks for the explanation!

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