@Gargron Hey, would it be possible to encourage instance admins to update their instances when new versions of Mastodon are made available? As some instances are still a few versions back where things like conversations APIs etc don't work, and thus render may third-party apps scrambling to figure out a better way of handling these things.

@arcatech @Gargron It seems almost impossible, but maybe some sort of grace period after which old versions are dropped or at least heavily encouraged to update?

@JPEG @arcatech Dropped how though? It's not like old versions get updates anyway..?


@Gargron @JPEG @arcatech Would it be easier for a client check the instance’s version, and if it doesn’t meet the minimum just don’t support it (and inform the user accordingly).

@Gargron @JPEG @arcatech I think that’s the best motivation for admins if the ecosystem around seizes to cooperate with obsolete versions. Building workarounds around these versions is an infinite battle.

@toni @Gargron @arcatech That's very true, I agree with this on the most part. But at the end of the day, the frustrations will be directed at the clients via negative reviews.

@JPEG @toni @arcatech You can communicate the version requirement in the app description to avoid such surprises, maybe

@toni @Gargron @arcatech This is a good idea, but the downside seems to be the client appearing hostile or unhelpful (as the admin will have to update anyways and no course of action can be taken by the user).

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