@Gargron Hey, would it be possible to encourage instance admins to update their instances when new versions of Mastodon are made available? As some instances are still a few versions back where things like conversations APIs etc don't work, and thus render may third-party apps scrambling to figure out a better way of handling these things.

@arcatech @Gargron It seems almost impossible, but maybe some sort of grace period after which old versions are dropped or at least heavily encouraged to update?

@JPEG @arcatech Dropped how though? It's not like old versions get updates anyway..?

@Gargron @JPEG @arcatech Would it be easier for a client check the instance’s version, and if it doesn’t meet the minimum just don’t support it (and inform the user accordingly).


@Gargron @JPEG @arcatech I think that’s the best motivation for admins if the ecosystem around seizes to cooperate with obsolete versions. Building workarounds around these versions is an infinite battle.

@toni @Gargron @arcatech That's very true, I agree with this on the most part. But at the end of the day, the frustrations will be directed at the clients via negative reviews.

@JPEG @toni @arcatech You can communicate the version requirement in the app description to avoid such surprises, maybe

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