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Edge DNS Service Incident Mater)

Investigating - We are aware of an emerging issue with the Edge DNS service.

We are actively investigating the issue. If you have questions or are experiencing impact due to this issue, please
contact Akamai Technical Support. In the interest of time, we are providing you the most current information
available, which is subject to changes, corrections, and updates.

Jul 22, 16:09 UTC

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Notices will be poste

here when thei

ues with Akamai's Edge DNS or Global Traffic Management services that

are at risk of impacting a major section of our customer


@toni that one which wants DRM to visit their website and processes unencrypted apple app launch queries?

@toni ah, so that’s why fedex.com wasn’t working for me…

@toni “The web,” they said. “It’s decentralised,” they said.


@toni Time for another game of "Guess the CDN or hoesting provider"

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