Sh*t… is switching to Electron on Mac.

Any suggestions for alternative password managers? I don’t think I’m ready to switch to iCloud Keychain…

Apparently there are improvements coming to iCloud Keychain with upcoming Apple OS updates like built in OTP support. 🤔

@toni I guess Electron is easier to maintain for cross-platform solutions, but still, sigh. The recommendations are (as usual) KeePassXC for offline solution, and Bitwarden for cloud based alternative.

@varjolintu 1Password started as an A-tier app on macOS - I think they even won Apple design award. Sad to see them abandon that history. I was also looking at Strongbox ( which seems to be compatible with Keepass vaults.

@toni Strongbox is quite good. I'm using it on iOS and it has been working great. It's sad to see 1Password has changed from "Mac only" to something who wants to tackle all open source options. It would've been interesting to see what could've happened if Apple had bought 1Password years ago.

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