It absolutely makes no sense to use atom power in Germany any longer. It's too expensive, plants are too inflexible, sustainable energies are more simple and cheaper. Atom power strengthens the dependence on Russia and Kasachstan because of uranium supply, plus Germany has no final storage for radioactive material. Not even the owners of atom plants want to use them any longer. I think it's over.

@qwertzalotl Huge dependency on Russian gas indicates there isn’t enough renewable energy and stopgap solution was needed. If heavily leaning on Russia was really the best option there must be something wrong with the nuclear plants.

Even with renewables IMHO nuclear is still excellent addition to stabilize the energy production.

Strangely Germany was listed on of the main exporters of nuclear fuel to Finland - excess fuel from times when the plants were still operational?

The dependency on russian gas has been widely discussed and criticized for years. Germany was once leading with solar energy, but sadly fell back during Ms. Merkels government. Also Nordstream 2 was heavily criticized especially by the Green party. The new government has to reach a fast transition now, not easy.
Germany has rejected atom power since the 70s, this has been one of the reasons for the success of the Green party. It's very different from France, where the don't see problems.


Huge protests appeared wherever a plant or a storage of radioactive material was planned, Brokdorf, Gorleben, just to name two.
Germany is very densely populated in most areas. There are three plants left, which will be shut down soon. Projecting new ones will take years and certainly cause heavy protests, also not solve existing problems. Gas is needed mostly for heating, so the transition has to happen here. You see, there is a bunch of reasons not to engage with nuclear power.

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