Inspired by this article I’ll test switching to ( as my default search engine for a minimum of a week to see how it compares to .

@toni I use it myself. I think you will like it. I get much better results than I did with DDG.

@ruari Already impressed with some of the localized results to discussion forums etc. Looks very promising.

@ocdtrekkie Yeah… Never thought I’d pay monthly for a search engine. It’s worthiness is hopefully one of the questions this trial period will answer.

@toni You wrote that google gets you news, recipes, bus schedules, tickets for local events, sports scores, simple facts, popular culture, official regulations, and access to businesses, and then complain about the long tail being broken. You need to delete cookies when searching from the "long tail". Then searches will work again. When google knows about you, it will steer the answers to things they think you will buy. When you are fresh and unknown, you get real results.

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