As recently announced the end of free unlimited photo storage, I was reminded of one of the lovely startups they killed on the way. “Out of the picture: why the world's best photo startup is going out of business”

Nice ☀️ autumn day after couple of days of rain and stormy weather. Must get myself out of the the house today.

“MSCHF Mag” details how anyone can make “free” money from - and in process reveals how little artists get paid through them.

(Password: bread)

@brunoph I think this part of the latest update is still having some issues. After waking Mac from sleep I need to quit the app before timeline refreshes again.

Seems this API is designed the right way from privacy perspective. Of course authorities could still mangle the implementation in apps.

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Imperial College of UK paper gives some idea of the future with COVID-19. Basically without vaccine be prepared that isolation will continue for months. -19

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