How do I start a new paragraph when drafting a post with app? I’m missing my enter key!

New iMacs have similar vibe as computers from movie “Her”.

It’s been like this for 10 or so minutes.

HDDs are S L O W.

This is an external disk where I store all kinda bulk backup data and it’s the only spinning drive I still own… I wonder how much does ~5 TB worth of SSD cost these days?

Release Candidate 2. Let’s hope this makes the Bluetooth more stable on M1s.

First toot from Apple Silicon (Mac mini). @mastonaut has UI bugs (like user picker menu for mentions), but overall it works more fluidly on Big Sur than it ever did on Catalina 🤔

As recently announced the end of free unlimited photo storage, I was reminded of one of the lovely startups they killed on the way. “Out of the picture: why the world's best photo startup is going out of business”

Nice ☀️ autumn day after couple of days of rain and stormy weather. Must get myself out of the the house today.

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