What’s going on with this ? Doesn’t sound like credential stuffing like Lastpass claims. news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

"Desktop apps suck. Instead I want to have to build and maintain two completely separate codebases and then write APIs between them. The frontend should only be able to be run inside a container that Google wrote." - Web developers

3G in Clubs: umts umts umts umts umts umts umts umts

@fahrni @libei was the feature at least implemented at the end? 😁

@toni Apple’s bug report system basically a black hole. You can never hear back.

@varjolintu yeah, what’s the point of asking feedback if it’s just ignored.

Kept sending bug reports of this to during whole beta period, but they failed to fix it. Glad I’m not alone with this. “macOS Monterey Users Report Connectivity Issues With USB Hubs” macrumors.com/2021/10/29/monte

@laura @aral Totally understandable. All the best to your new home 👍

@libei Nice to see development picking up again! Will there be support for app to remember timeline position / last read post?

Throughout the betas there’s been a bug where loses my USB sound card during sleep. Hard to believe but it seems yesterday’s Release Candidate fixed it at the last possible moment of the beta cycle. 🥲

So is basically Invidious with some crypto-bullshit tagged along? Or do they actually ”youtube-dl” the original videos and re-host them?

@tinyrabbit Text based blog/log publishing workflows with Gemini seems to play to its strengths. I like that markdown source and the rendered content look so closely alike. I guess I’m wishing something with simplicity and light-weightiness of Gemini that would still support basic text styling and image embeds, and I don’t see why it couldn’t offer fallback to current Gemini style presentation when using text-only browsers.

Looked into protocol yesterday. I like the simplicity, but no inline hyperlinks or image embeds seems to me like artificial handicap in order to it actually get some foothold alongside HTTP. Philosophy of it has probably been hashed in Gemini newsgroups numerous times, but do we really need modern version of Gopher more than less shitty version of modern web.

Nice summary of what was in leak sizeof.cat/post/twitch-leaks/

Worryingly their git code included plain-text secrets.

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