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Ad Astra met the hype. This movie will stay with me for a while.

@tewha @fahrni iPadOS is due to be out next week (on the 24th if memory serves) and it will jump directly to version 13.1.

Hey! My notes app Allegory for iOS is now available to download, and it has an abundance of features. 🎉🎉🎉

With dark mode, stunning visuals, gorgeous animations, doc scanning, 11 languages supported, and more - it's the only choice.

It’s 2019 and Wi-Fi on train is still potato-slow.

@tootapp I’m on 13.1 beta and so far this update has been great. Thank you!

Why is the media so obsessed with negative headlines on #escooter? Here's

Hong Kong 


Disturbing video taken in #Shenzhen just across the boarder with #HongKong. Something extraordinarily bad is about happen. #China #HongKongProtests #Democracy #SaveHongKong

(can anybody reupload that video here plz?)

Wow, Mastodon looks so much better with the advanced UI turned off, system fonts turned on, and the light theme enabled.

@gregoiremarty @toni API is not public. Morii is a Pixelfed app, but development is frozen and waiting for the API. And no, you can't use Fedilab either to access Pixelfed before they build the API.

@pixelfed This makes me sad every time. API is still not public or is it just lack of interest developing a mobile app for Pixelfed?

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