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Hey everyone, a new build of my new mastodon app is now here, and it's better than ever!

You can get it over at:

Also, to all our friends from India who've just joined, hello! This is the app you want for iOS. Aiming for it to be the gold standard. 💙

(Please boost to raise awareness, a new mastodon app is coming)

OS reinstalled on external drive… Let’s see if we still get frequent crashes/hangs.

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Attempting to recover my late-2012 with an external SSD. I hope it’s only the Fusion Drive that has gone bad and not for example the logic board... 💸

Mastodontti.fin paikallinen aikajana on aika hiljainen, keskimäärin alle yksi päivitys päivässä. Se ei kuitenkaan tarkoita, että Fediversessä ei tapahdu mitään! Suosittelen seuraamaan ihmisiä muilta palvelimilta, jotta näet vähän laajemmin, mitä täällä tapahtuu. Helpoin keino on seurata joukkoa ihmisiä, jotka puhuvat sinua kiinnostavista aiheista. Se onnistuu täältä:

Minä seuraan paljon suomeksi/Suomesta tuuttaavia, joten myös minun seurattaviani voi vilkaista.

when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

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Just saw a special screening of Aliens (1986) in 70 mm film. It was glorious. Such a great sci-fi horror movie and seems to survive infinite amount of rewatches.

Pinging @mastonaut @tootapp @JPEG. Can we get this one, please: “Add timeline read markers API by Gargron · Pull Request #11762 · tootsuite/mastodon”

Mastodon v3.0.0 is out 🎉

There are a lot of new features, changes and fixes. You can read it all here:

I will be starting the upgrade for every instance on and expect that during the upgrade there will be around a minute of downtime.

Tiedoksi: tukee nyt mobiilisovelluksia. Testattu Tuskylla.

eu politics, repairability, environmentalism (+, boost with CW) 

From @neil in
Good news as EU formally adopts Ecodesign measures:

- As of 2021, all TVs, monitors, fridges, freezers, washing machines, washer-dryers, dishwashers and lighting products on the EU market will have to meet minimum repairability requirements
- Manufacturers will have to ensure easy disassembly with commonly available tools.
- Spare parts and repair information will have to be made available to professional repairers for a minimum number of years.

So what I thought was some kind of weird fediverse meme looks to actually be a Mast bug where the person who boosts a post has their name appended to the end?

I demand a pan-European train booking platform in addition to high taxes on CO2.

It is too difficult to book a train connection covering more than a single country, I think the Council of Europe could do some good here.

‪My new Mastodon app now lets you go above and beyond on an iPad. With multiple scrollable columns, it’s got a boost in productivity (think of it as Tweetdeck for Twitter). 🍭‬

‪You can join the beta over at

@JPEG Mast 2’s iPadOS column view looks so much cleaner than on Mast 1. 👍

v0.10.6 will be released this weekend! 🎉

You will be able to use your favourite mobile fediverse app with Pixelfed!


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