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“For decades we have been told that nations should aspire to develop towards the Nordic countries. But in an era of ecological breakdown, this no longer makes sense. If everyone in the world consumed like Scandinavians, we would need nearly five Earths to sustain us.“

Reminder, podcasts are just an rss feed with links to audio files.

Not an app. Not some walled ecosystem.

Story was straight forward but told in captivating way. Lots of Dunkirk vibes though. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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afternoon. About to watch #1917. Hope it’s as good as reviews indicate.

Full release notes:

* Finally! Full support for video and audio posts!
* Bugfixes for saving and sharing attachments.
* You can now tap on image descriptions to hide them.
* Nicer transitions when opening attachments.
* There are now links to the bug tracker and official account on the settings screen.
* Fixed double tap to zoom.

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Toot! v1.11 has been released!

After a bit of a long break because of life and such, there is now a new version! This one brings - FINALLY - video and audio support! (Still missing play controls for these, but I figured I'd go ahead and release something, and get those in in the next version instead.)

For trying out the audio playing, I warmly recommend checking out #pewvember! I wanted to get this out in time for that month, so that's how late this ran...

Ok so the consensus so far is:

Firefox Send ****
OnionShare ***
naked bittorrent **
gfile *
Resilio sync **
File pizza *
Magic Wormhole * *

I will update this periodically and inaccurately

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Did you know your AirPods or Powerbeats Pros can help you hear conversations in a noisy area or across the room? Check out our Live Listen feature! #a11y #accessibility


If you're a Firefox user like me, you may have seen a pop-up urging you to restart Firefox so it can update. Do it.

A security issue could allow a malicious user to take control of your system. Exploits were detected in the wild.

@jwildeboer Welcome to the Brazilian conundrum.

Brazil could export products instead of "raw materials", but for that you need to import machinery, training and so on, which ends up being very expensive and not subsidised by the government.

Instead the government subsidises the production of "raw materials" instead and then buys the products made with those.

A classic example is iron ore as well.

So instead of shipping megatonnes of #soy from Brazil to China, where it is used to feed pigs, Brazil could build factories to convert soy into the #ImpossiblePork and export that!


sounds interesting. they're not making it a part of telegram, the currency will use proof-of-stake and not proof-of-work (which means it won't have any of bitcoin's ecological issues) and they're making it a true decentralized project.


A Public Notice About the TON Blockchain and Grams


On the ferry to Estonia in “challenging weather conditions”. Sick bags hanging in the corridors like little white flags of surrender.

@JPEG Gap loading indicator occasionally gets stuck in “loading” text. Scrolling up and down usually refreshes it.

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