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@libei Just started to test your Mastodon iOS app. I'm liking how simple and responsive it is!

In today's program; off to check local municipality apple orchard if there are anything left to pick for a sunday apple pie.

youtube-dl is one of my favorite pieces of community-maintained open-source software. Despite the name, now works on many sites – youtube, vimeo, even Twitter. You do "youtube-dl URL" and it figures out how to get you a local, offline copy of the video.

The list of DNS providers aren't as long, which is why Cloudflare's DNS outage worries me long term since they have a near monopoly on third-party DNS services.


Driving a car 1km costs society 89 cents – but cycling the same distance benefits society by 26 cents. Source: City of #Copenhagen, Via ⁦⁩. Plus 11 other key graphs on urban biking, in #CityMakingMath


@pixelfed Stories are useless without native apps available in AppStore’s in my opinion. There should be Apps called „Pixelfed“ in Android and iOS stores. This should be priority no.1

@pixelfed ... any app (available or soon) to support that? I'm continuously trying to convince Instagram users to consider pixelfed; finding an app that is somewhere close to Instagram on Android or iOS still seems a core pain point here. 😐

Today however is definitely still a beach day 🏖. We are starting to melt in our apartment and its barely even noon...

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Looks that the is finally coming to an end next week - just in time for my summer vacation start 🙄 Well to be honest I do not mind. It is very hard to function in 25º++ temperatures and sleep quality is worse...

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