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I worry that I mad the reporting UI TOO MUCH FUN. Please don’t report users just to test this, no matter how bad their anime opinions are, even @halcy. He is trying his best.

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Use on a Mac? MailTrackerBlocker is an open source plugin that blocks tracking pixels in emails:

stalling the inevitable of publishing the privacy labels for their apps is becoming ridiculous.

Wow, Tesla is giving up any pretence of being environmentally friendly by buying bitcoin, driving up the price, and creating even more massive energy wastage.

One of my fave Mac #accessibility features: Hover Text. I have 2 displays; one is always harder for me to see, especially content to the far right. Hover Text is an awesome and super lightweight way to bring things into view! Find it in System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Zoom

Since we’re all looking at Stocks today…

In the past years #VoiceOver has started to do cool stuff w charts. You can summarize charts and even play an audio graph!

In this video, I’m using 1-finger up/down swipes to go thru all the actions, then double-tap to activate. #a11y

@mastonaut Is it possible to manually refresh the timeline with some key combo?

Release Candidate 2. Let’s hope this makes the Bluetooth more stable on M1s.

I don’t know what it is with times, but weekends just fly by. Before you realise it’s Monday again.

First toot from Apple Silicon (Mac mini). @mastonaut has UI bugs (like user picker menu for mentions), but overall it works more fluidly on Big Sur than it ever did on Catalina 🤔

iOS apps on Mac really show how half-assed the share button is on Mac; the fact that there isn’t a built-in “Copy” option is patently absurd

@toni I found out via IRC. Now that thing predates Google by 10 years and is still as reliable as ever...

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