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Musk's Cyberbot is 100% designed just to sit in the Tesla driver's seat and keep its hands on the wheel, right?

Just installed ElementaryOS 6 and noticed my favorite Mastodon app Tootle wasn't available for it 😢 Ping @bleakgrey ?

@mastonaut Hey! Are there any plans to add timeline position sync to Mastonaut? Would like to drop vote for this feature.

Apparently there are improvements coming to iCloud Keychain with upcoming Apple OS updates like built in OTP support. 🤔

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Sh*t… is switching to Electron on Mac.

Any suggestions for alternative password managers? I don’t think I’m ready to switch to iCloud Keychain…

It's late at night, time to start shit with the fucking ENGLISH LANGUAGE

@toni “The web,” they said. “It’s decentralised,” they said.


@mastonaut Feature request: Add option to not to automatically scroll the timeline when at top. I often have Mastonaut window open in the background and would like it to stay in the last read post instead of auto-scrolling to top all the time.

After listening Music Dolby Atmos mastered tracks for couple of days my conclusion is:

Atmos tracks with AirPods Pro = 💩
Atmos tracks with actual surround system = 😎

Favorite album so far:

If you plan to test out new Hi-Res audio from Music with your external DAC, check that you have enabled high bitrate from Audio Device settings:

I have Dell U3219Q monitor and with every reboot it’s been a mystery which color mode it will end up in… With this script (and deleting “” from my user-specific Library/Preferences folder) it seems to have settled with RGB.

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If you are experiencing problems getting new M1 to output RGB colors with external monitors, this worked for me:

Silicon performance is awesome but external monitor bugs have been quite rough.

Got first vaccine today 💪. Feel lucky and relieved although I know that for proper resistance the second dose is needed. But still - it’s first step to normal life.

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