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@toni I have a 6-core Intel Mac. Teams grinds it to a halt whenever I have a video call. It's incredible how much everything slows down. No other meeting software does this, so Teams has something really unique on their hands. :D

Earlier today, #Microsoft pushed a promotional message to early adopters of #Windows 11. The promo intended to promote the upcoming operating system’s integration with Microsoft Teams. Instead, it caused Explorer (the Windows desktop shell) to stop responding and left users without a working Start menu and taskbar.

I never want to hear about ease of use or fragmentation holding any other OS back. Windows obviously isn't keeping it's market share on actual merrits.

Had first meeting experience today. Met and even exceeded expectations. Video, audio, screensharing - all worked out without glitches. And it seemed so much more responsive than MS Teams (running in latest Safari Technology Preview browser window).

Will definitely have my next meeting again on .

@tek I like to think that dnsmasq is like tyis and there is this English dude Simon who put this little DNS hackory on his personal family web page/photo album thing and over the next 20 years it grew to run most DNS queries on the internet and has completely taken over the poor little webserver that once held the photo albums of his vacations and kids school photos home improvement projects

But I don't like to think about how close to reality that might be

Anyone using Monterey beta?

Keen to try out TestFlight for Mac but scared that Monterey betas could be still rough.

Musk's Cyberbot is 100% designed just to sit in the Tesla driver's seat and keep its hands on the wheel, right?

Just installed ElementaryOS 6 and noticed my favorite Mastodon app Tootle wasn't available for it 😢 Ping @bleakgrey ?

@mastonaut Hey! Are there any plans to add timeline position sync to Mastonaut? Would like to drop vote for this feature.

Apparently there are improvements coming to iCloud Keychain with upcoming Apple OS updates like built in OTP support. 🤔

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Sh*t… is switching to Electron on Mac.

Any suggestions for alternative password managers? I don’t think I’m ready to switch to iCloud Keychain…

It's late at night, time to start shit with the fucking ENGLISH LANGUAGE

@toni “The web,” they said. “It’s decentralised,” they said.


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