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3G in Clubs: umts umts umts umts umts umts umts umts

@toni Apple’s bug report system basically a black hole. You can never hear back.

Kept sending bug reports of this to during whole beta period, but they failed to fix it. Glad I’m not alone with this. “macOS Monterey Users Report Connectivity Issues With USB Hubs”

Throughout the betas there’s been a bug where loses my USB sound card during sleep. Hard to believe but it seems yesterday’s Release Candidate fixed it at the last possible moment of the beta cycle. 🥲

So is basically Invidious with some crypto-bullshit tagged along? Or do they actually ”youtube-dl” the original videos and re-host them?

Looked into protocol yesterday. I like the simplicity, but no inline hyperlinks or image embeds seems to me like artificial handicap in order to it actually get some foothold alongside HTTP. Philosophy of it has probably been hashed in Gemini newsgroups numerous times, but do we really need modern version of Gopher more than less shitty version of modern web.

Nice summary of what was in leak

Worryingly their git code included plain-text secrets.

Best thing about ecosystem is that postponing the upgrades is easy decision. The older phones function so well and keep receiving the latest software updates.

In addition to my iPhone XS I’m still happily running iPad Pro from 2018 (new Pro with XDR display is super tempting though - those black levels 🤤).

Also it is crazy talk to upgrade 1000€ phone yearly basis.

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Based on early rumors I was prepared to upgrade this year from my XS. Since many of the rumors didn’t come through (notchless hole-punch camera design, improved magsafe, in-screen TouchID…) I think I’ll skip another year.

Just need to get replacement battery for my XS. Otherwise it’s performing as well as the day I got it.

However, had chance to see on IMAX screen. Couldn’t have chosen better first movie to see on big screen after COVID times. Jaw dropping cinema and Villeneuve once again didn’t disappoint.

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episodes 1 & 2 were not good. Instantly forgettable show. Curse of lousy original content continues.

How do I start a new paragraph when drafting a post with app? I’m missing my enter key!

That wasn’t so bad. All the apps seem to be working and nothing has exploded yet. Will be interesting to see if Bluetooth stability on M1 hardware has improved since Big Sur.

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